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Thread: A potentially unpopular opinion

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    New mods coming out are stating that they can fire down to 0.08. Granted they are regulated, but I cannot for the life of me understand the fascination of doing so. The lowest build I've gone to is 0.12ohms and it lasted 5 minutes because the vape was too hot.
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    I like a warm vape, that why i never got into TC its to dam cold.

    That said all these idiots pushing the young pups onto 300w 0.16 ohm disco fog machines has got to stop. aint no reason for it.
    Aussie vape vendors are not immune to this, a few of them we call friends love offering newbies the latest cloud chucking rigs passing them off as starter kits.

    i not saying go back to cartos, cause honestly i still have nightmares about having a Hotshot and burnt lips.
    But its a sad day when MTL stuff is rarely stocked and even harder to find.
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    The thing that I noticed and experienced

    FB pages are mostly about sub ohm and how big is that cloud. Very little is taken into account when someone is starting out.

    AVF is mostly about MTL. When I first came here I was recommended MTL and that is what I purchased. Unfortunately it was all wrong for me, once I found DL and sub ohm gear it started to work.

    I don't think either side is perfect, often the question on what is your smoking style is lost completely. That one question determines which path that person should take.

    On the whole I think there is more brains here.

    Typing long messages on FB isn't really done. Introduction are like

    Hi, I'm new to vaping. Been smoking for XX years and want to quit. What should I get"
    Then the barrage of sub ohm tanks, RDA's and multi battery mods start.
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    none of the groups i'm in are like that
    RIP 22.12.2016

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    0.08ohms is near enough a direct short for me, you can't deny physics.

    Facebook is for pics of guitars, girls, dogs and cats.

    This place will do me for vape info.

    You can't protect the stupid from themselves.

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    0.11 is 160 watts at 4.2 v why would ya need any more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nothingexpert View Post
    My understanding was that Oxford commas were a convention where they must be used in pairs. Thanks for the clarification.

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    Here, this may help.

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    Alpha male/female is somewhat a natural social instinct & behaviour in the younger set, "mine is better than yours" & one up manship on Faceslap should remain on faceslap IMHO. Sheeple that want to have the image of being cool don't realise that it's safety, quality and value over all else. Coolness is in the eye of the beholder and is relatively unimportant if one is well adjusted and happy in ones' own skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocM View Post
    Coolness is in the eye of the beholder and is relatively unimportant if one is well adjusted and happy in ones' own skin.
    Needs repeating in case someone hasn't worked this out yet. Not just for the vapist crowd, but everywhere.



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