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Thread: Tell Gearbest what you think...

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    Tell Gearbest what you think...

    We cannot stop Gearbest & Health Cabin right now... but let's pull together and (click the username and) send the message to them.

    This is what I wrote. Feel free to copy and paste, or make your own message to the same theme.


    You are ruining our forum


    You are a burden to our site and the way you behave is like a cheap Chinese scam artist.

    You lose right now. You spam us. We ignore you. You are no longer trusted.

    You could make one thread a day and everyone would look at it. All the best things from your site in one post.

    When you make 5 threads in a row you ruin everything. You lose face.

    Stop ruining our community.

    Stop it.


    If we all tell our vendors how we feel about how they post, they will know what is what.

    Maybe we have all sat silent too long?

    Tell them. Let the numbers be the vote.

    Let them know. Respond in their threads! Tell them what we think!

    This isn't a great big FU, bit a firm reminder that AVF isn't their gifted spam domain.

    edit: Thank you for understanding this post is completely left field from me. This is the #1 reason that stops me contributing anymore. All the latest threads are commonly from Gearbest and Health Cabin... (in fact they seem to take it in turns)

    edit edit: I work for china people and if you push the losing face thing they stop and think.
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    respond to their threads. STOP SPAMMING US!!!!!


    It's not an unrealistic expectation that vendors would be respectful here. It's not Facebook or Twitter. No one pays advertising fees or profits in any way. It's a private forum, with public access.
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    "Go away and come back when you understand better." he said. He would not let me pass.

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    HC and GB are the same company anyway. I am going to tell them that I refuse to even glance at their sites anymore, on principle, because of their obnoxious spamming. So their marketing strategy isn't working here.
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    I don't mean to put a damper on this idea but honestly, I reckon every member on here could message them and its not going to
    make a difference. The more they post the better it is for their business. They obviously aren't worried about our feelings

    The other thing is if you post in their threads you are doing them a favour by keeping them recent.

    Perhaps the mods can ask them to limit themselves to one advertising post per day or one thread per day (for those with their own
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    Good one northener. Nice idea. It is a bit annoying. A PM to converse or leave perhaps?
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