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Thread: Sold on vaping - time for an upgrade

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    Sold on vaping - time for an upgrade

    Hi all,

    I've been using vaping to slowly ween my way off cigarettes. It's working and it's working really well. It's been 6 months now and I'm vaping almost exclusively and only having a burner at night and morning with coffee.

    I bought myself an Aspire Zelos with a 2m tank and while it does a pretty good job, I'm longing for a bigger flavour and nicotine hit, and something more flexible.

    I am a MOUTH TO LUNG guy - I like the sensation of the vapour burning its way through my throat. What is the natural next step up from the Zelos ?

    In a perfect world, my choice would be:

    1. Trouble-free, easy to put together and use;
    2. BIG STRONG flavour and nicotine hit;
    2. Ability to tune the vaping experience to get a stronger/weaker hit when desired;
    3. Easy to use, easy to fill, easy to service;
    4. Simple to buy pre-bottled juice for (70/30 blend like what comes standard in the singlers so I don't have to mess with mixing etc - other than simply adding nicotine to the juice).

    For those who are MTL, what is the best choice ? Price not really an issue as regardless of the spend it's going to be cheaper than the burners anyway.

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    I really dont think you can go past the eleaf pico. I posted a link to vapoureyes this morning for the very same thing, for someone else. I'm on Crapatalk now, and my peabrain can't work out how to link.

    Regarding tanks, i neither MTL enough nor use RTA's enough to offer sage advice. 1ynne will be along shortly to help out with that.

    What nic concentration are you using? Have you tried playing around with that to boost your nic intake? I DL 12mg mostly now, but when MTLing I boost it to 18 or 24.

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    Totally agree with rockmoose about an eleaf pico but I like the full kit. They are simple well made and just work and good value. The melo 3 tank that comes with it although not a true MTL tank will do the job and there is a variety of different coils available suitable for any use.

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    Congrats on making with move away from those stinkies !

    The Original Nautilus tanks were for years, notably the best MTL and the best drop in coils around - but even with such a large fan club, I never really heard glowing reviews about the Nautilus 2, so I never tried one !

    I think the original Nautilus tanks are still around and do take the same coils, so that might be an option, as do the Kabuki style tanks which also are worth having a look at - but I guess its fair to say - they are 'old style' and maybe harder to find these days.. but hey they worked for me !

    The newest kid on the block is the Innokin Zenith tank - and it uses its own style coils and its getting a lot of positive comments over on ECF - and here

    oh there are also the pod style of atomisers - some have found high nic in something like a Dolphin or a penguin works hits the spot !

    I moved to rebuildable tanks, and lately we MTLers are loving having a wide choice, from my personal fav The Siren, there is now the Siren V2, The Ares RTA, The Berserker RTA and the berserker RDA (which is nice!) oh there is another whole world of squonking.. but perhaps get this right first of all

    But, tanks are flavour and air, I wonder if you might need to increase your nic.. if it is not satisfying, then you might need more - and generally a MTL style of vaping is done at a higher % I think I started at 18mg - and that completely satisfied any craving for a ciggie... tho there are those who find they need the extracts and flavnoids from Tobacco, to fully transition to vaping.. so WTA Juices might help Best vendor for WTA e juice?

    as for juices.. well that is just a long and winding path - that you need to explore, we are all so very different, we eventually find what we like, but its trial and error, but I have heard some say that they need menthol or iced juices for the throat hit... maybe trial a few..

    maybe tell us what you tried and like, might prompt a few suggestions

    edit to add the link to the Pico Mod
    link to pico melo kit

    on further thought.. if money is no object... Golden Greek Tilemahos Armed Eagle RTA.. as a fully customisable MTL or DL, with air flow inserts to suitable whatever style, you can wind coils or buy springs which have a long life and just replacement wicking as needed, and as a thing of beauty.. will be restocked on the GG site shortly, but is available on the Jac Vapour UK site now, and they will throw in a free mod... but .. that might just be me.. getting carried away again cos I WANT ! but then you would need a super special mod to suit.. and.. I will wander off now ...
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