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Thread: What are you vaping right now

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    GV's sale is a good one. Unfortunately my phone took precedent for the already tight money strings.

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    Tara, I wonder if Grumpy Vapes would consider stocking them ? worth an ask?
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    Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocM View Post
    What an idea Tara! You inspirational, aspirational Sandgroper you!
    We could start a co-op, all of us avfers, branches in all states. Like a chemist warehouse or fastech idea for imported juice. All legal like........0 voldemort of course until we get an enlightened government and Lemonhead...oooops, typo, Leyohnelm is PM!
    Get gear globally and sell locally! We could call it 'NIC OFF'
    I'm not sure how that would work but I love the name

    Quote Originally Posted by 1ynne View Post
    Tara, I wonder if Grumpy Vapes would consider stocking them ? worth an ask?
    I already asked quite a while ago (and a few times from memory) about the Primitive juice. He said he would look into it but
    nothing ever eventuated.

    Id love it if he would cause I'm a fan of Grumpy Vapes. That was the only Aussie vendor I was ordering off regularly but I'm
    not sure what is going on there lately. He doesn't seem to be getting in the variety he used to or keeping the lines I purchase
    consistently in stock. The thought of messaging him to see whats happening has crossed my mind a few times
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    ATM I have what I coined as 'Abscienna' Absolute tobacco, Cinnamon & Vienna cream diy happily in the tank.
    I made 1 yesty that smells yum already. Named 'Mothery4up' RY4, Cardomom, Maple Syrup. I hate bath night & steeping time.
    Cigarettes: One of the few things known that will kill you if used "as directed".

    Smokeless from 10/02/15 Thanks immensely to AVFers old guard!
    Heaps of stuff in high rotation



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