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Thread: Vaping Health Issues and Solutions

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    Vaping Health Issues and Solutions

    I have been vaping for over 2 years now and haven't touched a cigarette for the same period of time. My initial reason was to use vaping to replace smoking which I have done very successfully. However, the reason for quitting smoking is to opt for better health and I just can't be sure that was a success. Having smoked for over 40 years, I never had any adverse symptoms from smoking, except yellow fingers and teeth.

    With vaping, however, I have a lot of adverse symptoms, like sore throat, nose bleed, sore gums, acid reflux etc. which led me to research, experiment and try out different things to find out why and how to fix it. I drink a lot of water and take vitamin C supplements as many websites recommended but it does not help.

    I have tried almost every atty and carto on the market and always among the first to try out new products. I think I have now found the main problem with vaping and taking the precautions, eliminated most of the problems. I am not a medical professional and I am only here to share my experience. If you have similar symptoms I had, give this a try and prove to yourself one way or another.

    I found that when the heating coil heats up the juice, it does not only produce vapours but there are tiny (sometimes not so tiny) droplets of the juice bursting from the coil and flying everywhere. It is highly visible on my Genesis. When the cap is removed, you can see the heating coil in action. Don't hold it close to your face for the juice will splash into your eyes and that burns. The higher you turn up the voltage, the more violent is the burning action and the more the juice splatters.

    If you don't have an atty that you can watch the juice cooked, you can use an EGO-T or C. With a clean cartridge, do about 10-20 puffs and you can see juice droplets accumulate in the cartridge. The EGO cartridges are good that they have the divider and top cap on the mouth piece to block some of the juice droplets from entering your mouth.

    Or with a tube style 510 cartos, if you cut a small hole in the condom (the silicon cap that came with the carto) and fit it over the mouth end of the carto and vape, very soon you will find an accumulation of juice droplets on the condom.

    Now that you have convinced that you have inhaled a lot of juice droplets into your mouth, throat, stomach and lungs, what does the juice do to you?

    First the positive, the juice actually gives you more flavour. I tried to filter off the juice splash and I can detect a loss of flavour in the vape. Other than that, nothing is good.

    I do not know the chemical reactions when the juice hit your mouth but from experience, I got sore throat, bleeding nose, sore and bleeding gums, stomach acid reflux and sometimes headache.

    I am too deep into vaping to give it up for a few weeks to see the results so I did some experimenting.

    I found that sticking to the EGO tanks and rinsing out the top part of cartridge (first remove the cap and the divider) every tank or sometimes half way through the tank if I sucked too hard, the symptoms reduced significantly.

    Then I put way the EGOs and use only the Stardust with a 3.2V EGO battery. This atty has a top coil and you can actually feel the juice hitting your tongue sometimes. This one is a killer atty and gave me a lot of sore throats and acid reflux. I used a 510 carto condom, cut a small hole at the top, put a small piece of fish tank filter (a black coloured sponge like material which I used for the original EGO cartridges before they invented the EGO-T) in the condom and slide the condom over the Stardust mouth piece. Effectively I have made a "filter" for the Stardust. The inconvenience is that you have to clean the filter every so often. You will find that it is soaked with juice after half an hour vaping. I used the Stardust exclusively for a week, no sore throat (I usually get one with the Stardust after 3 days of heavy vaping), no anything except a couple of acid reflux situations. BIG improvement.

    The final test I did was with the Genesis with SS mesh wick. I usually have 5 wounds of double-twisted heating wire and a Buzz Pro delivering 5.8V to Del's Ultimate Pipe juice. I could never vape this two nights in a row without getting a bleeding nose. But this time I used only 3 wounds of the wire with 3.2V and my condom filter over the drip tip and dried the filter every 10-15 minutes. Five days of heavy vaping on this set up later (except when I went out as I am afraid I might get arrested banishing something like that in public), nothing, absolutely nothing, I mean nothing bad happened.

    While I have no scientific theory or medical statistics to explain this, I am convinced that inhaling the droplets of juice causes problems, at least for me. I have a decision to make, should I sacrifice some flavour in exchange for better health? I took up vaping originally to quit smoking for better health and then I went on a never-ending wild goose chase for stronger flavour, throat hit and vapour density. I don't need any brain cell transplant to figure this easy thing out.

    So my remedies are:
    1. Stick to the EGO-C or similar (with mouth piece that blocks splashing of juice droplets). The whole thing can be taken apart to pieces which makes cleaning the unit of any residual juice very thorough and easy. Do not use more than 3.5V. The "flavour" you get from high voltage set ups is caused by the juice in your mouth.
    2. Vape clean (light colour), low nic 100% VG juice. My experiments with PG, VG and juices in general is another story and this thing is getting too long to add that story in.
    3. Put a small piece of the sponge filter in the upper compartment of the EGO cartridge to further block the juice droplets from reaching the mouth.
    4. Rinse out the filter and juice droplets in the upper compartment of the cartridge at least after every tank.
    5. Stay away from attys with heating coils close to the mouth piece, like the Stardust type.
    6. Stay away from the attys where you can see the heating coil from the mouth piece end. A lot of direct drip attys splash juice straight into your mouth. If you must use these attys, use a filter but then you don't get the flavour.
    7. Use a condom and good filter material for cartos and Genesis types if you must use them.
    8. Stay away from juices that clog up your atty quickly. They also clog up your throat and lungs.
    9. Don't forever chase that illusive perfect vapour, flavour and throat hit. Enough is enough. Remember whatever you vape, it still tastes better than the cigarette and without the 3,000+ chemicals.
    10. Don't take anything on face value. Experiment and find the best solution for your situation.

    Of course, everyone is made differently and reacts differently to vaping. If by writing all this I can help one vaper solving his/her health problem, my time will not be wasted.

    If anyone have some insights on this topic, please correct me and add to this. We are here to help each other, right?

    Happy and healthy vaping!
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    ,...................,m fg
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    I'm fairly surprised at the problems you have had with vaping. Cigarettes gave me frequent nose bleeds.. Vaping does not. Oddly, it sounds like you are experienced what many smokers do but with vaping yet you had no issues smoking. personally, I do try to avoid getting juice in my mouth but it is not that irritating if it does.

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    For capillary fragility Citrus bioflavinoids are good, they come from the pith of citrus fruits. So when you buy your Vit C make sure it has them.

    You wont get them from juice unless you eat or blend the pith.

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    great post shark and well researched.
    having experienced many of the symptoms also, i can relate strongly to all of that post. I never considered the juice droplets however. interesting.
    I also do many of the things you mention, the cleaning of the entire tank, flushing it when it discolours and keeping the voltage down also avoiding high wattage on genesis attys.
    .. to the extent of not using genesis at all currently.

    I put most if not all of the symptoms down to the juice flavour itself, I know for a fact some of the symptom I get are from FA maple syrup for instance, I will start sneezing and if continued there is irritation to the point of blood. This happens regardless of voltage though but its certainly worse at higher voltages.

    I find I can go higher wattage if I stick to low flavour juice and keep the wick clean, I replace them weekly (phoenix) and flush daily and since swapping to concentrates exclusively and dropping nic from 24 to 18 .. have not had many sypmtoms, occasional sneeze that I rectify with a wick flush or replacement.

    I find I can happily use the phoenix RBA, very visible coil so long as it is kept wet.

    I still put a lot of irritation down to the crud that accumulates, a new wick generally has little or no ill effects until it gets a few days old, then the same juice will irritate. clean and the problem goes away.

    Not everyone seems to experience these symptoms, I think most do not at all. it must just be us sensitive types
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    Great post Shark, and welcome :-)

    I'm pretty new to vaping, but have noticed some juice has worked its way into the mouthpiece of one of my Stardusts. I haven't had any problems from it so far, but it's an interesting thing to keep an eye on.

    I've definitely found lower voltages seem to agree with me more atm - but I'm really just tuning that by how it tastes and how much it's hitting my throat.

    Good info, thanks for sharing.

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    I think it is condensation in the stardusts, so to avoid the problem, when you take your finger off the button you have to keep drawing the vapor in until none is left in the mouthpiece.
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    I find, especially if I use 100% PG, that I will get very dehydrated. I think this is where most of your problems arise from, as if the PG is drying up your throat/nasal passages, your nasal passage will be susceptible to cracking and therefore bleeding.

    Best solution, shove a bit of Vaseline up your nostrils using an ear bud As for the dry throat, just drink some warm water with a bit of honey.
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    Smoke free

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    I use slightly modified 510-T tank. It stops any ejuice spraying up. Only needs a blow out every now and than to get rid of the accumulated ejuice in it that would otherwise go in my mouth. Been using it over eight months now and nothing else so I guess it works great for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post
    I think it is condensation in the stardusts, so to avoid the problem, when you take your finger off the button you have to keep drawing the vapor in until none is left in the mouthpiece.
    I agree CCC. I noticed when using stardusts on ego batts if after inhaling you put the drip tip immediately on something black vapour is still coming out of stardust. So this would account for condensation in tip. I too keep drawing on them after taking finger off button.

    Shark I smoked for 40 years got emphysema and then started vaping. I use stardusts on ego twists at lowest setting and wash and dry burn stardusts after each fill just to get rid of residue on coil. I vape 50/50 VG/PG 24mg

    I havent coughed since I started vaping. Sometimes i get juice in my mouth but just wipe it off tongue. Never felt better.

    Sorry to hear you are having problems


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