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Thread: storing nic

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    storing nic

    I hope to help those new to DIY mixing with nicotine with this.

    Now most recomended will be storing nicotine in the freezer yet theres also this topic

    Basicly you get argon (cheap to get welding stores, bunnings, some scuba stores can pump it for dry suit divers) and flush the oxygen out of the bottle

    and before people fight that its not safe it is all the same gas's just diffrent uses i mean heck right now your breathing 72% nitrogen and thats a argon gas since air is morstly 72% nitrogen 21% oxygen and 7% other g
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    how long do you plan on storing it? a litre lasts me a year, so i don't need to be too cautious since it won't sit long

    this method could be beneficial if it is going to sit 5+ years though
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