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Thread: PG intolerance revisited

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    PG intolerance revisited

    I have, or at least had a PG intolerance. It played silly buggers with my vocal chords often rendering me speechless (as if that's a bad thing). It also screwed with my skin with fluctuating dryness, sliminess, rash and all manner of general ickiness. Max VG fixed this (my 100mg nic is in 100% PG).

    With the high levels of influenza around this season, I have been periodically dripping a 50/50 mix of high nic juice, hoping to gain the antibacterial/antimicrobial benefits of both PG and nic. On three occasions I have felt the dreaded lurgy frantically attacking me, and while it's not a peer reviewed double blind study, and my other health practices play a part, I am pretty confident the PG in particular helped stave off any real outbreak of dis-ease.

    The other bonus I have found is that I can now tolerate more PG. I still primarily vape Max VG, but have found I can go for days at a time vaping 50/50 with no ill effects whatsoever. And I have not had a cold, or flu since I stopped smoking. For comparison, as a smoker I would get the flu pretty much every year (often twice), as well as at least half a dozen colds.
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    Inspired by the fine folk at the NFL in America ...I am taking to one knee in support of this ... Intolerance in any form is bad M'kay ....

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    Awwww! Stuff it all!

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    No probs here, 50/50 70/30 80/20 90/10 100 PG all good, just gotta watch that nic level though any more than 5mg's is a no no for me.

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    Sometimes it's hard to know what the cause of something is. My missus who lightly smokes & very lightly vapes blames every ailment on the vape.
    It's good to know you have made some progress with it Moose.
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    I've been Vaping well over three years now and I haven't had the flue in that time!

    My last cigarette... 3rd April 2014



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