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    Hi, I as the title says, I am a complete beginner and I've come to find help as I am looking into buying my first vape and E - Juice's.

    Not to confuse, I am asking for help, this is not a BEGINNER GUIDE thread.

    So, as I've said I am looking to purchase all my vape beginner items as follows from eBay.


    Now.. This is the part I am having trouble understanding, I see alot of people talking about 7% or 5% mixes etc..

    I've attempted to watch videos on youtube however they're just long and lose my attention span, I just want someone to tell me straight up, what I need to do with the following juices I just posted, if I have the right products and how to mix them.

    Initially my thought was to just measure 70ml of VG and put the whole 30ml of flavouring into a 100ml bottle, then use it to drip 2ml amounts into my vape?? is this wrong? what do I need to do, I am not using nicotine I just want the vape for pure flavour, all the videos I watched exaggerated on nicotine, I don't want or use nicotine.

    tl;dr - I'm buying a vape, 30ml concentrate juices, and pure VG, can I mix 70ml VG and 30ml juice into a 100ml dropper then drop the liquid into the vape???

    Any Help is Appreciated Thanks!
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    You are using 100ml bottles so that makes it easy for you, eg: 7% of 100 = 7ml

    Put 7ml of your flavor in the measuring bottle then top the rest up to the 100ml mark with your VG, that will give you 7% flavor.

    So 7ml flavor + 93ml of VG = 7% flavor

    If you put 30ml of flavor + 70ml of VG it will be 30% flavor

    That would be very strong though but you can experiment

    VG is very thick which could make it hard for the wick to absorb, you might need to thin the VG with demineralized water at 5% to 10%

    Most vapers use PG to thin the juice
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    Just another tip stay well away from ebay sellers. Find yourself the closest brick and mortar store and head on down. If that's not an option thier are a heap of reputable online stores here in Australia.

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    My advice would be to get an Innokin T20:
    Innokin Endura T20 Starter Kit | VapeKing
    The AIO is OK though:Joyetech eGo AIO Pro Kit - 2300mAh | VapeKing
    as is the Pockex: Aspire POCKEX 1500mAh All In one | VapeKing

    and some ready to vape liquids without nicotine from an Australian seller:
    PREMIUM E-LIQUID - Desserts & Sweets - Page 1 - Vapeking

    you will also need some nicotine if you are giving up smoking;
    Buy your nicotine in PG because it will travel better, unless you think you are PG intolerant.

    Doing things this way will be an easy introduction to vaping, rather that learning how to mix flavours, which comes with a very steep learning curve. It's hard enough learning how you like to vape let alone adding in all the complexities of learning how to be a flavorist as well. That stuff can come later.

    With a few exceptions, you are much better off dealing with dedicated on line stores rather than Ebay sellers, who will get closed down as soon as someone dobs them in to Ebay.

    Other sources for nicotine or ready to vape liquids with nicotine in them are VapourEyes NZ and Mixology NZ

    The problem with some of the All in one devices is that if you drop it and smash the glass, or it malfunctions then you are left with nothing. They'll also need some time plugged in and charging, and it might not be convenient if you only have one. Get a couple of them so you have a backup, or at least plan on getting another one very soon after the first if it is working out OK for you.

    Figure on the coil heads lasting maybe one or two weeks at the most. Sometimes you need to change the coil if you change flavours too. Always make sure you have spare coils on hand - the devices usually only come with one or two coils. We've had people burn the first coil immediately because they didn't prime them properly, or it was faulty. (Not priming it seems to be more common than getting a faulty one).
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    Also vyzn. Drop a line in here to say G'day. G'day and welcome!
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    Hi Vyzn
    I would recommend finding a good online store here is Australia, somewhere you can call if you need to and buy all your gear from there.

    To start you will need:
    - a good mod
    - a great atomiser - The Innokin T20 is an excellent starting point, the mods are good and the tank are great - get a pack of extra 1.5ohm coils as well
    Would also recommend having another backup unit to have on hand when the other is charging.

    If you are going to mix your own, you will need:
    - VG
    - PG
    - Nic - I get mine from Mixology in NZ - super quick shipping. Buy 100mg nic in PG only (makes it easier to measure out)
    - plastic drip bottles or even better glass bottles with droppers
    - thick gauge needles and syringes for transferring liquids and measuring them. I keep one syringe with needle separate for nic only.

    With flavours, I would recommend starting with ready made and adding your nicotine. Download the Ejuice Me Up calculator to work out how much nic you need to add. As an example, if you have a 30 ml ready made liquid and you want your nic level at 8% you would add 2.4ml of nic. An easy way is to transfer 15ml of your ejuice into a 30ml bottle, then add 1.2ml of nic.

    If you want to use concentrates, use the ejuice calculator to work out how much flavouring, VG, PG and nic.

    Starting with ready made ejuices is so much easier and you will find that eventually you will want to start a little mixing on your own, this is when you use your VG and PG. Remember to keep your nic and VG in the fridge.

    As an example mix:
    Nic at 100% in PG - 2.4ml
    Concentrated Flavour @ 20% - 6ml
    PG @40% - 3.6ml
    VG @ 60% - 18ml
    Total 30ml

    Good luck and this is definitely the place to come for answers.

    2nd attempt ... Never give up, giving up. OMG I am going to be rich soon, look how much I have saved!



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