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Hey guys, great news. I just got back home from work and picked up a new nautilus 2 kit(my other is broken because I spilled the oil all over the kit without removing it from the mod).

I just tried mixing half my 18mg nicotine liquid with half my non nic liquid.

At 15 watts I still had the same throat sting but I turned it down to 8 watt and it was near perfect. Only problem is that I have to suck so hard like a retard for 5 seconds to get a good hit and vapour.

I'm going to try the 18mg nicotine by itself and turn down the wattage even lower and see if it works. Last time I tried this, I didn't suck hard enough and I couldn't feel any vapour going in so I thought at low wattages the kit doesnt work.

The coil that comes with the nautilus 2 is 0.7 ohms so I'm not sure if im supposed to use such low wattages.

Anyways, thanks for everyone's replies, I've actually been reading it over the weekend but didnt get to reply. I've also ordered heaps of different liquids to sample and try to find the right ratios.

Thanks heaps guys
I am running a naut 2 tank at 9 watts with 1.6 and 1.8 ohm coils and two air holes open. Nice mouth to lung vape but i only use 6 mg juice