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Thread: Mere male seeking help (juice related)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocM View Post
    You got a purdy mouth Emu.
    I prefer horny projecting jaws but yes to purdy
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocM View Post
    I hear you on the '3 week steep' Fab (Can that be the name of our world renowned guitar band?), since making V1.1, 1.2, 1.3. I've made it in 50ml batches to try & improve the end game but at 4 weeks steeping I'll be a pensioner for 15 years until I get it close. Would I be correct in the assumption that ambient temperature has a role?
    Oh yes, ambient temperature has a lot to do with it. The more you get those molecules to bump around the faster things happen. Some people force steep with heat and in ultrasonic cleaners and so on, even making sure it gets exposure to air. Personally I think time is the better operator, plus you get to savor it more as it slowly changes.

    If the juice is palatable either way, make larger batches. I make 250ml at a time of my ADV, which lasts me a couple of months. I mix the next batch when I've still got a week or two left on the old one. I do vape other things, so the exact amount of time a batch lasts me varies, but rarely much more than eight or nine weeks.

    ETA: and your situation is different to mine. This is my ADV that I've had for years. You are still working out what works so a better option is probably to make a three week supply, then mix a week at a time until the rotation catches up. It might also help to work on a completely different flavour at the same time, so if one is not ready you vape something shake'n'vape while you wait a bit.

    Oh, and as far as vape names for bands go, it's probably only a matter of time ;-)
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