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Thread: Where to source marbles for filling nic bottles

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    Marbles, someone said marbles

    Now i want to start that middle aged men outlaw marble league that ive always wanted (and possibly mentioned to Ducky more than once)

    We're outlaws, but when it comes time to throw down, we pull out our little bags, get in a circle, shoot, and do it all for keepsies
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    Another source for marbles is the $2 cheap shop, usually where the toys are.

    Probably the more common approach is to buy small glass bottles to store your nic. I use 50ml bottles but also have some 100ml ones. You fill the bottles to the top to exclude air, then store them at the bottom of the freezer, where they can stay for years with almost no change. You just take one bottle out at a time and mix from that. I put the bottle back in the freezer between uses now because I use less nic than I used to, but there is only ever one bottle open at a time. A good source for bottles is New Directions
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