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Thread: Hints,Tips and Tricks .. Help for Beginners

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    Hints,Tips and Tricks .. Help for Beginners

    i just wanted to start a thread where you can go to get a bit of instant help , things like how to clean your wire with a dental brush or if you have just started and the first day was a lovely vape and then it started to taste like ass wipe flavor which normally means clean your coil or replace it with a new one.
    and don,t be afraid to waste a bit of eliquid if its getting old and all you do is keep topping it up all the time.
    so anyone that can add a line or 2 or even a video please do
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    Thread Resurrection Alert.

    kabuki tip:
    When you are refilling your 'buki, stand the base up on the coil.
    Why - so the juice doesn't run down over the o-ring & squish out when you re-tighten to the tank.
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    After trying nearly every other o ring from every drip tip I have, I just replaced the o ring on my admiral drip tip (a weird flat shape) with plumbers tape.
    Maybe not the most permanent fix, but it gets the job done and is a nice secure fit
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    General tip:
    Always remember to replace the top cap on your tank / dripper before taking a toot. Not doing so tends to wake you up pretty bloody quick.
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    When buying your first dripping atomiser, look for a deep juice well and airflow that suits your vaping style. Smaller single coil designs with high velocity airflow over the coil are better for flavour. Big, and wide airflow that may not be direct will take big dual coils and make huge clouds, but you may not enjoy it unless you really want to vape at 80 watts and above. There's also a middle ground that will work well in the 50 to 80 watt range (eg the recoil).

    Secondary considerations are how easy it is to build and the form factor.
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