on the way home from the servo last night after getting a late night snack( 4am is the best time to go n get a potatoe pie right ?) i was contemplating vaping and wondered if anyone here has any knowledge and tech spec's on powder coating.mainly being
1) is it safe around heat without going all toxic
2) is it safe around food type stuff or is it toxic
3) is it conductive

if the answers to the above are No, No, Yes, then

4) anyone know a good place for getting tiny quantities (ie 3-10) items powder coated.

why you may ask did these come up ? well i was contemplating ways to cover "most" of a genesis type atty so as to remove shorts but still leave the correct area's (ie were you actually want contact) open and i know that powder coating can be scrapped off with a bit of work.

thank you and good night