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    Corked Glass E-liquid bottles (problem?)

    Hey guys, was looking at making my ejuice look a bit better than scummy reused plastic bottles that i have accumulated over the years. I know it is a bit pretentious but i was leaning towards a corked bottle look as i usually just use a syringe to get the eliquid out anyway so i do not need a dripper bottle. Could anyone see a problem with the cork coming in contact with the juice for long periods? I know wine bottles use corks but are they treated or something? Also the bottles will be standing up so i guess the contact period would not be long. Any help with your knowledge would be great. Thank you.

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    i use corks on real little bottles ($2 shop) but put glad wrap under the cork, reason is because i have a theory about the syringe helping to combine all the vg, pg, nic etc... i shake the bottle roll it and repeat till things start to look half consistent in the original 30ml bottle, then 5ml syringe it out while moving the needle around constantly, then into the bottles i found and cork/wrap the top. the bottles hold 20 ml so i got 10ml left to try while the rest "comes good", i reckon when i hold em up to the light i should see one consistency (colour and viscosity)

    so i have a different reason for doin it but imo its no wuckas

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