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    is this dangerous

    hi, i bought a k-100 kamry and am using a rsst on it
    i am using 400 mesh in it and decided to use the other hole on it which is meant to be used for putting juice into tank, to run some silica wick in that hole and wrap it around the mesh, then wrapped my coil around the both of them, essentially dual wicking it
    i also drilled another hole in the top at 1.5 mm so i could still put in juice
    and drilled out the original air hole to 1.5mm
    currently getting a .8 ohm reading and taste and vapor is very nice
    as being new to vaping, was wondering with this setup is there a chance of battery explosion? or?
    i understand the k-100 is mechanical mod with no protection so will i just dmg battery if i run to low or is there a chance of something worse happening

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    the lower the ohms the more chance of battery failure, personally I wouldn't go lower than that (I usually stick around the 1.2/1.8 ohm mark myself). Of the few mechanicals I own the K100 is the only one I had a problem with (I no longer use it at all) regarding shorts. Even though the device has 'vent' holes drilled from a/b I don't actually believe they work properly. The three up top are purely airflow for the atty, the 3 in the telescopic part are covered (essentially blocked) in 18350/18500 mode and personally I wouldn't trust the ones down below either. Maybe it is further experience on my part, but I had two bad shorts using this device and have never a had any other problems using the atty that contributed to it, on any other device

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    I'm not familiar with the Kamry but I am with the RSST and mech mods.

    If it takes an 18650 I'd be using a protected one from SS600 or at least one of the 2 cent fuses on a decent battery. Keep an eye on your minimum voltage too but you'll get an idea as it will start running out of puff when the volts start getting low.

    I personally think 0.8 ohm is a little low for that config without protection, I'd raise it to what is suggested in the post above. 1.5 ohm would be a good minimum to start with.



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