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    Mod Battery Life [Vamo]

    So I'm looking at grabbing another Vamo since my old one met an unfortunate end. I used to run it in 18650 mode with a Vivi Nova at 1.8Ω. I don't really remember what the battery life was like as I wasn't vaping too heavily, so here's my question...

    Going to order a Vamo and iSmoka Ithaca clone. Let's say I was to wrap roughly 2Ω coils and set the Vamo to around 7W. Can anyone with a similar setup tell me how many times (if any) they swap batteries throughout a day and a vague idea of how much juice you go through in that time? Just looking to plan how many spares I should order. Obviously not expecting precise figures here.

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    that would totally depend on the milliamp hours (mah) of the battery. i've got 18650s ranging from 2200mah up to 3100mah. the only device the big 3100mah will fit in is the vamo, and of course, it lasts a hell of a lot longer than the 2200mah one.
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