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Thread: The $100 GGTS Restoration (Aka Captain's GGTS)

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    The $100 GGTS Restoration (Aka Captain's GGTS)

    So Captain asked me to create this thread and hopefully this is the right section for it. If not please move it mods.

    About 3-4 months ago I purchased a Odysseus, GGTS and some GG spares on vapor wall.

    This was prior to the Oddy clones and the Ithaka being easily available so the Odysseus could still demand a premium price.

    I was really only interested in the Oddy and not the SS GGTS as I already had several (keep in mind one is the Mrs) but it was not much more to take the package deal so I ended up with another SS GGTS for approximately $100 AUD (taking into account the price to obtain just the Oddy at the time).

    To say it was a little worse for wear was an understatement. All the springs, pins, o-rings, contacts were all stuffed. The negative battery spring was so squashed and messed up the battery would almost touch the negative brass pole, Switch would barely fire and the firing pin was black. On the volt meter I have (yes it's a cheapy and yes I understand this reading could be inaccurate) it was firing at about 3.8v on a 4.2v fresh just off the charger large capacity 18650 battery. The same battery on my daily GGTS was a steady 4.19v. As you can imagine that is a pretty bad voltage loss.

    It also had deep scratches on every tube (some up to 1mm deep).

    I had wanted to learn SS and Brass restoration for a while so I thought why not make this my project.

    A good mate of mine Captain who had just payed for his wedding (and we all know how expensive that can be) mentioned to me he has a UFS waiting until he had the funds to purchase a GGTS.

    So I figured that seeing once I restored it I would have no real use for it, I offered it to Captain for the price I paid ($100 AUD - Just a note I didn't request any payment up front) with the disclaimer that I might mess it up as it was my first restoration of SS and that I would take detailed pictures of it before purchase so that he could decide if he wanted it or not.

    So in my very limited spare time (2 months later) I am almost finished restoring it.

    The following parts were not restored and I replaced them via Cov or from my abundance of GG spares so are brand new parts :

    1) Collector tank and positive pin, orings, delrin
    3) Battery negative post, pin and spring
    4) 510 adapter that converts the standard threading on the collector to 510
    5) Switch brass contact (firing pin)
    6) Switch brass spring

    Once replacing the switch, terminals and pins I tested it again the volt meter read a healthy 4.2volt's (just measuring the battery here not battery voltage vs ohms and yes with a cheap battery volt reader)

    Now to give you an idea this is the condition it started in. Keep in mind it's very hard to take picture of SS even when dirty and that the scratches were much worse in real life.

    So I started to sand it all down by hand using wet and dry sandpaper (soaked in water prior to and during use), first with 1000 grit on the really bad areas and 1200 on the minor area's. Followed by 1500 grit, 2500grit and 3200 grit. Now I know this could be done faster with a dremel, sander, buffer wheel with a sanding disk or any sort of sanding device or method.

    However I did not want to use those to speed up the restoration process because I would either mess it up from doing it too fast and probably learn nothing about sanding or restoring stainless steel mods (which most are made of).

    Once each piece was done I rinsed it in distilled water, sonic cleaned it, let it dry and then did a polish with a little bit of autosol. The pictures below are just after the autosol and I will finish it with compound bars and a buffing wheel eventually, this was just to smooth it out so I could find anything I may have missed.

    This is what has been completed so far :

    The only remaining piece to complete is the engraved tube which is taking longer as it was where the bulk of the deep scratches were and there is engraving to work around.

    I am hoping to complete this next weekend but it will depend on my work schedule and what major issues occur on the servers I support at work.
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    Soth! Its looking brilliant! The first (completed so far) pic looks like its a new gg. Love the idea that your doing it by hand as like you said its more personal and you can work on the areas that need it most. Thanks for posting this up for me and others to see. Its nice to know that the large amount of money people spend is generally for a life long mod. My father used to collect and restore military items (helmets, medals, uniforms etc) so i know the time and thought that goes into this type of thing but also the satisfaction at the end of it all. This is another reason i requested you put these up. My GG has a bit of history now and photos to show it. Seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this. Good luck with the final and trickiest piece. Really appreciate the job you are doing for me.
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    Looking good!

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    Nice work Soth.

    The GG Thread needs a bit of love at the moment so it could go there if you want.

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    Nice work on SS, it can be a real ***** to polish.



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