A solved problem here. The bottom of Kanger Protantanks v2 may or may not seat properly with the coil when screwing in, thus causing it not to be able to reach the battery firing component thingo ma bob.

Got two kangers, and first coil out of the box was dead, dang, put the second one in fine. Opened second kanger, neither coil worked, seemed a bit strange, so swapped the working coil into it, not working. WTF.

So after reading many posts and seeing tons of other people had problems on and off, I spent the next hour micro managing the set up and got all 4 coils working (after spilling lots of juice!).

It seems that once you put the coil in, when screwing on the bottom seal of the tank, for what ever reason, sometimes it seats perfectly, but quite a number of times it doesn't - and won't screw all the way down (thus when attaching to battery it won't make contact with the battery). I read lots of posts about how it seats too tight on the battery, and to back it off a bit, but my problem was the reverse. When the bottom bit of the tank doesn't seat properly, the casing hits the tank, not the part that fires. Once the tank is sorted, I've never had a battery issue being too tight/loose so it can be just as snug onto the battery as you desire.

It seems the best way to go is to screw on the bottom of the tank, if it seats all the way down sweet (with less than 1mm gap), but more times than not, it just seats funny (with a 1mm or 2mm gap), so take it off and screw it on again, and again, and again, and again until it seats properly.

Sometimes while screwing on the bottom bit it sorta pops or clicks like its sitting in right, sometimes it just goes perfectly, but mostly its unscrewing and trying again.

Its also easy to tell if it seats properly, if its not right the casing will “clink” down on a provari (thus not letting the battery touch the part that fires because the casing touches first), and when its right, it will just slowly tighten down without the clink and you can tell the battery is touching the firing part.

Just be careful to not shred (strip) your threads, part of me thought it was a stripped thread problem until I did it over and over and over again until it just felt right and worked perfectly. Fiddly but definitely solved by a bit of jigging.