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    Bottom/Top Coil, Dual/Single Coil

    Hi All,

    Well been vaping now for a couple of days and gotta say its "addictive" in a good way.

    Dont think im just ready yet to look at mods so am happy to stick with my Ego K Vision starter and clearo, however am starting to look at mixing my own juice so am looking at getting some different coloured clearos and boy oh boy its like a kid in a candy shop. So after gorging myself on the available options i have come to the conclusion i am confused.

    So.....wanting to know the pro's and cons of the different coil configs, as in top/bottom and single/dual also, at the stage I am at is it advisable to co replaceable components or stick with disposable as Im not quite sure of the life cycle of a clearo. I was looking at the Vision Ego V3 (CE5) clearo and then for my testing kit was looking at 510 single coil atomiser with drip tip.

    Any advise you can pass on is muchly appreciated and i apologise in advance if my eyesight has failed me and i have missed a pre-existing thread on this subject.

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    Dual coil : halved ohms and doubled heating area
    Top coil : warmer vape, sometimes increased flavour
    Bottom coil : minimal wicking issues, great flavour, most throat hit.

    And also
    Genesis : leaking issues, huge flavour and blows clouds with average TH.
    Kayfun / taifun style : warm almost too warm vape, great flavour, won't leak, hard to master

    These are just the perks in my experience of all setups, I only use low ohm micro coils in any setup mentioned above. Could not micro coil a genesis because I had z atty.

    And replaceable components are extremely basic you should go for it.
    Do you know de way 👺

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    Just type them all into YouTube and watch some reviews. There is heaps out there and its a good way to get informed.



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