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Thread: Why does my evod coil have a burnt taste?

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    Why does my evod coil have a burnt taste?

    I played around with making my own coils for an evod with kanthal and wick bought from an Australian vaping shop, but after 3 goes I give up as it always has a burnt taste.
    On the left is a factory 1.5 ohm coil that looks shit, but doesn't have a burnt taste. On the right in my 2 ohm coil, tastes burnt (tried many different juices and they taste better on the factory coil that looks worse!) Sorry for links, but don't really want to resize them small for direct linking and lose any detail.

    Also bonus pics of crappy fasttech busted piece of crap ego that I took apart for fun.

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    Hi coopz
    I make my own coils up and have no issues. Need a bit more info than what you have stated so I'll just run through some of my learning curve. Personally I think that your wire wrap spacing is just about perfect as I learned that it's better on the Evod to have a whisker of space rather than as close together as possible. IMHO and it doesn't look like the chimney is in contact with the coil wire when you put it back on or the wire is contacting internal walls.

    Have you got the voltage setting up too high? Also, you need to check the internal resistance on your multimeter by setting it on ohms and then crossing the two probes together. On my multimeter it was 0.3. Then when you check the ohms on your coil you DEDUCT this from your reading. So if your reading says 1.8 then in actual fact your coil is only 1.5 ohms. This also ties in with what I asked about your voltage setting. I too was getting a burnt taste until I discovered this (thought I was building a 1.6 but in actual fact it was a 1.3ohm) and as a result turned the voltage down. Hey presto, no burnt taste. Depending on the quality of your multimeter this variance will vary. I got a cheap multimeter the other day and the variance is 1.2 ohms whereas it was only 0.3 ohms on my more expensive multimeter.

    I'm presuming from the number of wraps you are using 30guage kanthal ? If so then I reckon you have appx 1.6 to 1.8 ohms. All kanthal rolls even if the same gauge will give a slightly different resistance so you need to check appx 6 cm, then build your coil. You may end up with e.g. 6 wraps. Measure how much you end up snipping off then deduct this from the next 6 cm which may bring you back to e.g. 4.5 cm. With a resistance of e.g 1.7 ohms after you deduct the internal resistance of the multimeter. Then build another coil with 7 wraps and repeat the process, measuring the difference between the two as well as ohm difference. This will enable you to know what ohms you will get with however many wraps you want to experiment with. Providing you are using the same roll, depending on how many wraps you do you will know exactly what your coil resistance will be without having to use a multimeter. Of course this also presumes that you will be using the same size wick and the same sized needle or drill bit, nail etc to make the wraps on. When you seat your coil, double check the positive and negative wires are not twisted but straight. Also that they are not bent close to each other, once again they must be straight. Also remember that one wire is on the outside of the white rubber grommet before you put it in and the other wire goes inside the rubber grommet so that it is in contact with the inserted positive metal post.

    Another thing I would do is get a set of calipers and actually measure the diameter of the kanthal you have bought. Check this against the specs on the vendor website as it is an outside chance the wire has been mislabeled.

    Also, do you dry burn the coil after you have made it to test that it fires ok ? This is also good to test against a short in the build because your ego button will flash very quickly 3 times. And when you snip the ends off at the bottom, ensure that they are close clipped as possible and that the negative snipped bit of kanthal is not in contact with the bottom positive pin by being bent down past the white rubber grommet. If it's heading that way, bend it up towards the threading.

    I know I might have rambled on and seem a bit disjointed, but I have been trying to think of all the mistakes I have made as I am typing. Hope that what I have put down is of some help to you. I'm also hoping it's not an internal electrics problem on your device.
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    Thanks for all the info The Sodd.
    I know the basics, it's a 2.3 ohm coil (measured), there's no shorts or hot spots. Measured with 0.5ohm compensation from my fluke 87(it's been dropped on it's head too many times after daily usage in a trade for 15 years), verified by a cheaper new fluke- no compensation required as it's bang on 0ohm shorted, but it's as slow as a wet week in getting reading compared to the old 87). I don't have any working accurate gear to measure the dia of the kanthal though, probably busted or not accurate after been thrown in the wet shed these days.

    But this coil is perfect in every way, no faults with it or the use of it, it just had a bad taste. I think it's just the kanthal wire personally, or just the curse I suffer through life where everything I touch turns to shit.
    It's not a too much volts/power thing either, as I was testing it at 3.2v on the ego twist. It's not the same as a burning juice flavour either, more a acrid vapour from the metal it self that hurts the throat even if not much vapour from the juice is coming off it. The taste/smell is there in use even before the coils glow.

    By glowing I mean in short uses it doesn't glow at all anywhere immediately. After 3-4 second on a dry burn it starts glowing in the middle first and then quickly spreads outwards. I assume this is normal as all the problem free factory coils do the exact same thing.

    This isn't my first attempt, but it's been my best one so far unfortunately.
    The first coil I made had a hot spot as in the main pos or neg leg coming up into the coil would glow red before the main coil got hot though. that was pretty weird so I gave up on that one and this coil is my third attempt where everything looks good but it still isn't right. I have no idea what could cause that, anyone know?
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    It's likely something to do with the wick rather than the Kanthal.
    Having the right amount, not too much , not to little silica in the coil is important.
    Too much & it chokes the juice, too little & you get floods &/or hotspots.
    Getting the balance right takes a bit of experimentation.
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    Im just throwing out a idea but could you have burnt the rubber grommet ?



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