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    Question Battery, charger, question.

    Quick question, think I'm going to start having some issues soon. Got dirt cheap setup consisting of co-op evic, trustfire-001 and 2 pink batts that I've been abusing for six months.

    How long do these sort of batteries last before performance is shot? They just don't seem to be lasting as long lately, and taking a lot longer to charge. Usually I swap batts first thing in the morning and put the old one on to charge. It seems to take a good 14-16hrs to charge, and is normally at 50% or higher when put on, at least according to the evic. I think the evic lies anyway with it's %charge, will say 100% even if the trustfire thinks it needs another 4-6 hrs charging. Definately notice reduced performance when the batts are (allegdly) at 50% capacity.

    Just wondering if it's a sign the batts on on their way out.

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    yep sounds like the batts are on the way out and is unable to attain the voltage threshold the charger is expecting to tell it they are full. its also possible the charge program you are using isnt exactly right for the battery chemistry you are using, are you using a default, or did you make a custom setting?



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