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Thread: VV vs. VW Experiment

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    VV vs. VW Experiment

    So... I was reading a whole heap of stuff on various forums and websites about the VV vs VW debate, mainly as a part of my lengthy research to decide to buy a ProVari.

    Watched a few YouTube videos and other bits and pieces and thought, well they are some valid arguments but to me both sides are moot points. As with everything if you know your equipment and your taste everything will be fine. As an electronics engineer by trade (now doing system design and programming) I decided to get my ADV of Multimeters out and do some testing of my own.

    Using my iTaste v3 I was actually quite surprised by the results it gave out. I did many things such as testing the resistance of the coils when wet and dry, measuring voltages, measuring outputs etc. my final verdict was: I will keep using VV mode BECAUSE I was able to perfectly get the same voltage the device was selecting itself for the appropriate wattage. The vape was the same either way. I dont believe there is much technical arguement to be had here, its either a personal preference of vaping off the watts and allowing the device to do the work, which I can see may get a little odd if you went from a very high ohm to a very low ohm there would certainly be a noticeable taste difference, however doing VV correctly you would actively check your coil after a minute of putting some juice in, then set your new voltage and vape away. I follow the rule of roughly double the resistance plus 1 to get the optimum vape. There is the outlayer where I vape it a bit warmer, or some juices a bit cooler but I know this myself from experience.

    I dont know if this will help clear up things for some wondering the same question of which type is better, it may have just made things more confusing. To me, after all the testing and all the vaping it comes down to the exact same argument as Mac vs. Windows (Mac FTW btw).

    Now I am going to do something much more entertaining with the rest of my saturday like drink beer or something like this...
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    There's 10 types of people in this world that understand binary: those who do and those who don't.

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    At the end of the day, the numbers don't matter, just set it where you like it and vape.

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    mech and a 1ohm
    job done
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