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Thread: mid range mechs

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    mid range mechs

    The good, the bad, the ugly.

    all of them.

    one of the great things about forums like this is the huge repository of knowledge held in the pages.

    one of the problems with forums like this is that great pearls of wisdom get lost to time. they're still here. just buried deep in pages and pages of more information that is sometimes (always) a pain in the balls to trawl through in the hopes of finding something relevant to what you actually want to find out.

    so here. like the clone thread, another one for mods in the middle. the $100-$150 range. or thereabouts.
    a thread for people to come to, and find out what people use, what they've bought and what they think about them.

    or just links to reviews for mods that fit into this category. chinese, filipino, euro mods. wherever they're from.

    i'm still in the land of the clones, i know very little (nothing) about this range of mods. so. hopefully there's a guru reading and willing to kick this thread off.
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    Gp paps products and pinoy mechs would fall in here

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    yes, they would.

    just reminded me i used a biomech at the last vape meet. felt nice in the hand. very solid.



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