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Thread: Genesis style RBA vs Silica Wick RBA

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    Genesis style RBA vs Silica Wick RBA

    I am often confused on RBA and surely many of us new to RBA probabaly experienced the same confusion as I did. Could someone kind enough and explain how to differentiate the genesis style rba (inc tank) and silica wick style rba? Perhaps if pros and cons as well. Appreciate it.
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    Genesis style tank consists of an upright, solid wick. Commonly stainless steel mesh, oxidised to prevent shorting, rolled up either into a solid or straw type wick. The bottom of this wick is submerged in juice, and relies completely on capillary (sp?) action (that is, the juice climbing up the wick) for the juice to reach the coil.

    As the coil is at the top, and mesh provides a clean wicking surface, as well as being highly efficient due to heatsoak (wick heating up as well, making it easier to get the coil to temp), you get very hard hits from Gennies.

    Silica wick RBAs come in all different shapes and sizes - look at the Taifun and Kayfun, for example. Essentially they are meant to be rebuilt with silica, not mesh or rope etc. These are normally bottom coil, or have some sort of chamber to make them a pseudo dripper (i.e. Kayfun). They are usually a lot more flexible in setup, offering a number of juice flow, air flow, and coil setups, versus the Gennies two options (sometimes dual coil, air flow, both of them if you're lucky)

    Hope that makes sense I'm super dopey today
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    Genesis style uses stainless steel mesh as a wicking medium. That being said a lot of atomizers are interchangeable, where you can use either mesh or silica or one of the many other variants (cotton, ekowool, etc, etc). It gets a little confusing I suppose, with all the different ways to set up a single atomizer. Quick and dirty though, something like an RSST or AGA-T is typically used genesis style, drippers (phoenix, a7, ebaron, etc) tend to be silica setups (or cotton balls\ekowool\ etc), as well as things like kayfuns tend towards silica as well. That being said, google around on a specific atomizer and you're likely to find all sorts of ways different people have done different builds. In the end it comes down to personal preference.
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