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    Quick question about rebuilding atomisers

    Hey guys,

    New to forum so shall say a quick hello .

    I have a question about making coils for atomisers. I'm using 2.2 ohm atties however with 30 gauge kathal wire I'm only able to make a maximum of 1.5-1.6 ohm coil.

    I'm doing 7 wraps if I wrap less coils I'm going down to 1.1. I'm checking them on my innokin itaste vv so there is a chance that the reading could be inaccurate.

    Seeing as I've been using 2.2 atomiser shells will adding a 1.5 ohm coil hurt my system?

    I've been using this setup for my Evods, Pro tank and Tumbler so hopefully I won't ruin anything.

    Kind of a noob to this whole clearomiser vaping thing. Been vaping for a few months and using clearos for about 1 .

    anyway good to know theres a place in which I can bounce noobish vaping questions around .

    Cheers, Tobias

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    No harm in using lower res coils in your rebuild, just turn down the voltage. Alternatively, you could look at using a higher gauge wire for a higher resistance. A lower resistance should have no ill effect whatsoever on the clearo, especially if you keep everything within nominal values.

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