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    Twisted Kanthal Wire Equivalence

    I've been thinking of stepping down in kanthal gauges lately as I have some pretty good high-drain batteries coming in and a dual 3/2 wrap of 28 only lands at ~.3 which my Panny NCRPD cells can just handle.

    I was planning to get some 25.5 gauge and 24 gauge from 'vape-atomizer-mesh' but was wondering if I were to twist my 28 gauge would I get the same results as 25.5 or even 24 gauge? I believe the final resistance per meter of the twist is dependant on how tightly/loosely I twisted the kanthal, but just for a close estimation, in terms of AWG where would twisted double strand of 28 gauge land me?

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    At a guess, it would be a parallel circuit, if both ends of each wire were connected at the terminal. The resistance is more or less halved. I can't answer how many ohms as I don't know the resistance per centimetre of the wire you have.

    Have a gander at these:
    Correct use of Ohm's Law : Series And Parallel Circuits
    Parallel Circuits

    The second one is easier to comprehend, albeit longer to read, if you haven't done this kind of work/study in a while.

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