Well, I have had to resort to using some really thick unflavoured nic juice I had as a back up. This stuff is crazy thick, mabye super dooper vg, but it tastes fine and does the job.

But, no matter even if I add water with my 100% pg doublers it's still too thick to wick well in my VKS slotted tanked cartos.

So I thought....... as I do sometimes....... why not remove some of the wadding material from the carto by digging gently in the slot with a pin and pull out a wad or two?

It worked.

Even with this thick juice the carto is now wicking well with no flooding. And no dry hits either!!!

Just wanted to share to see if anyone else has removed or modified their tanked carto wadding to effect better wicking..... plus I don't post much so it's nice to say hi once in a while