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Thread: Dual coils & resistance

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    Dual coils & resistance

    ok so i vape this dual coil 1.5 carto at 14W & its nice - seems like a wetter vape than single coils.

    my question is:

    how come the resistance is 1.5 ohms ? why doesnt the vamo read the ohms @ 3ohms?

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    Don't know much about dual coil setups but I would think it would be something like this. Each coil is 3ohm. The two of them would be in parallel which makes the effective resistance 1.5ohm of the two in parallel. The rating is of the dual coils not each coil.

    Each coil is dissipating 7W.
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    You will get better flavor with dual coils. However, try using 4.5v to see how much better it vapes.

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    It's because the dual coils in a dual coil carto are wired in "parallel".

    When your VAMO takes a resistance measurement, isn't actually measuring the resistance of a single coil. It's actually measuring the total resistance on the circuit.

    When a dual coil atty (or in this case, a carto) is wired in "parallel", what that means is that it's running two completely separate coils - each of those coils is separately connected to a positive and negative terminal. The coils can be connected to the same positive and negative terminals, each coil just needs to be connected to the terminals (not be "daisy chained" off another coil - that would be wiring in series, and you'd be adding the coil resistances together instead).

    When an atty is wired in this way, it effectively halves the resistance of each coil - so your 1.5ohm dual coil carto actually has two 3 ohm coils in it (this you know already - I'm just being captain obvious).

    Basically, you could think of it as the electricity (well, current) as now having a second 'path' to travel on - so more of it can 'travel'. Each coil is independent from the other one. If one coil popped - you'd be then firing a single 3 ohm coil, because one of the 'paths' wouldn't be there anymore.

    For a clearer look at this type of setup - have a look at some photos or videos of tri-post RBA's - specifically those actually setup with dual coils. The coils share a positive terminal, but use two separate negative terminals. Wiring wise - it's the same type of 'parallel' wiring as your dual coil carto, it's just a bit more spread out and easier to see what's going on.
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