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    When is a hybrid (Chibrid) not a hybrid

    This ones got me scratching my head.
    VaporJoes Canada: HYBRID LOOK, VIVI VAPE - K102 Kit is Top Coiled Clearo! - $40 +FS*

    or heres one linked from the above. K102 18650 Mechanical Mod Stylish Patterned Electronic Cigarette - Green

    why for they do that thing pineapplin? :P

    frm fb - Adam Albo: "almost bought it right up til they compared the vape to a vivi =-/ "
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    Because - as popular as mod + atty combos are these days, hybrids still look sexier .

    But yeah, I know eh? All that, and they stick a Vivi Nova-ish thing on it.

    Theoretically (not really being a hybrid), one could ditch the crappy nova-like and whack a genny of appropriate diameter on it... if one could find one that the tank protector would fit over.

    Personally, I can see what they're going for, but I think they've missed the mark in the looks department. The comic-sans "K" cutout really detracts (seriously, WHY comic sans?! That's an awful font!).

    I'm particularly disappointed by the circuit board one. I normally buy anything with a circuit board print on it, but the print on that mod? That's one of the laziest, worst looking attempts circuit board I've ever seen. Were it done better, I'd buy one, dremel the "K" to something else (just a squircle or something), swap the "clearo" out with a proper genny style RBA, and possibly change the contacts and modify the button (if required).
    These things.

    I have some things.
    I vape them.



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