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    Help! Ismoka Magoo

    Hey all,

    I've been waiting for an iSmoka Magoo for a while now and I finally got my hands on one today. My only issue? I can't build on this thing. \

    I've built plenty of coils before but this is my first tank style rebuildable. Gennys, drippers no problems at all - but this! what can i say, I just have no idea what I am doing wrong. It all seems fine and I have had some builds measure sub-ohm. Very clean and tidy looking builds as well...but then, next to no vapour. Sort of like the effect of using a 3.2ohm carto with a mech.

    Have I got a short somewhere? Anybody else encoutered this issue on a different ithaka clone? Anybody have any idea what Im doing wrong?

    Any help appreciated.


    Have tried

    - twisted 28g
    - twisted 32g
    - single 32g
    - single 28g
    - silica

    all single coil at this point.

    EDIT: BAH! In my haste to build this thing, completely forgot about having to use resistant and non resistant wires. LUcky no permanent damage was done,

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