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yup i completely skipped titanium, kanthal > nickel > ss for me

want to talk about deforming coils...umm nickel....i do not miss in the early days of tc on a dna4o of having to wrap 12/13 wraps to hit the narrow detection window (god things are so much better now) and then clenching as you wicked the thing hoping you wouldnt collapse the soft nickel coil
Oh yeah, I know. I think I made exactly two nickel coils, and the second one was only because the first had got so bad from re-wicking it. Shortly after my first roll of Ti1 turned up and I was in whole different world of hurt...

I have to dial back the airflow on mine otherwise im prone to hiccups
Interestingly, I've seen hiccups listed as one of the early signs of too much nic. Niccups

I've never had that one though.