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Thread: Smok cartos's clogging up

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    Smok cartos's clogging up

    Hi guys,
    As per thread title, i have recently started using carto's and tanks which i am really liking, but have found after a couple of days the draw becomes extremely tight and then i find juice pissing out at the bottom through the connection pin.
    It's like it has clogged.
    Is this common?
    And if so, is there something i can do to lessen it?

    Currently using smok carto's in artemas tanks.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Try boges. Better than smok
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    I've been using VK's slotted XL lr's for a while now. They are good things.
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    Clogging = Dying carto = Pissing juice & tight draw

    Got to give thumbs up for VKS and Boge (pre-punched)
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    What flavours are you using?

    Ive found that flavours with too much vanilla, especially those with cream tend to clog up very quickly.

    This is on any carto brand, prepunched or self-punched.

    Vanillin and the carto filler must hate each other.

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    I'm currently using boge XL ... LR flanged, 2 hole cartos with very little satisfaction, gone thru' 4 in 3 days. I've watched lots of you tube vids, primed them properly, tried 'blank' draws to make sure there's plenty juice in the carto etc. etc. alternating between the F16 tanl, an IB tanked and a Hoosier tank and nowt but a burnt taste after a couple of hits, running on a spinner at 3.8 or a mech .. makes no diff.... starting to think I've a dud batch ...

    No vanilla or thick juices, only tobacco or a coffee atm

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    I only use smok cartos, I punch the hole myself to suit my juice ratio and they work great. It takes some experimentation with cartos to work out what works for u though. I drip directly into the carto to make sure it's fully primed and 4 full turns of the carto punch and then vape at lower voltages and work my way up to my desired setting. When it gets gurgurly and leaks just blow out the excess onto a paper towel and u should b good to go again. I find when the draw gets a bit tight its either the carto is on its way out or just needs a few prime puffs .

    I didn't know that about vanilla flavours, that makes sense now as those juices I only get about a week out of a carto if I'm lucky but fruity vapes I'm getting around 3 weeks average.i thought it had to do with the vendor and possibly the sweetener they were using that was clogging up the coils quicker.
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