Is this accurate?
NCR batteries are a new type of battery manufactured by Panasonic. NCR batteries use a Cobalt cathode like ICR batteries but have the same hybrid makeup with nickel which IMR batteries have. This provides for higher drain capabilities while also having higher overall battery capacity.

The downfall of NCR batteries for ecigarettes comes from how their capacity rating is calculated. NCR batteries are capable of a much lower minimum discharge voltage before causing physical damage to the battery. The battery is capable of being discharged to 2.5V whereas IMR/ICR batteries have a cutoff around 3.6V.

Considering most devices, including inline devices like the Evolv Kick, have builtin over discharge features which cutoff around 3.23.6V, you never get to experience the full stated capacity of an NCR battery. This is ignoring the fact most devices would have a hard time raising the voltage to your liking when the battery voltage is below 3.6V.

NCR batteries also have a feature called HRL or Heat Resistant Layer. HRL is an extra layer of material around the cathode that prevents the battery from overheating even during internal short
conditions. This makes it one of the safest batteries on the market but you lose 20 to 30% of the battery capacity due to general voltage range limitations mentioned previously.
source - Batteries Explained and Safety - The Original Electronic Cigarette Social Media Network

Already bought some Pan NCR18650B 3400mAh. Calculated that the max amps I'd ever use is 2.7. Usually below 2A.