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    Battery questions. VTC4's and sub Ω'ing on mechs

    Hey guys,
    I've recently gotten into RBA's and sub ohm coils and had a couple questions about the VTC4 batteries.

    Firstly, are there any charging practices to follow to prolong battery life? Should I be recharging before the battery is completely discharged, or can I run it all the way down on my mech mod.
    I have 2 different batteries, and one of them shows as 0% as soon as I plug it into my Soshine charger, even if the battery is still capable of firing, it is a battery that I have ran down all the way until it would no longer fire.
    The other battery reads as around 20% on the charger when its run down to around the same level (firing weakly).

    Have I stuffed that battery that reads 0%?

    Should I be following any charging regimes such as cycling battery once a month, always recharging before it drops to a certain level?

    Luckily I have 2 spare VTC4 I haven't opened yet and plan on ordering some VTC5's. I'm not to worried about running that 1 battery, just wanna make sure I don't ruin the other 3 I have left.

    Cheers in advance for any info you guys can share

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    Probably stuffed the battery.
    You need to get a multimeter and check batteries voltage after x amount of hours of use. I recharge when they are 3.7-3.5v (or when I detect a big enough drop in vapour - most people can tell, but if you can't, check the battery volts a lot until you get the idea)
    Usually around 3.4 they just don't vape well anyway, when batteries go below 2.5-2.7v they are dead dead dead, never coming back and being recharged (even if they do, they are potentially dangerous anyway as the cell quality would have changed a lot)



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