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    Lightbulb Pros and Cons RBAs, Clearomizers, VV/VW mods, Mech Mods, Ego Style Batteries.

    What are the pros and cons of your favourite vaping setup?? I'd like to give the pros and cons of my favourite setup, and I'll limit it to the setup I use most of the time, rather than everything

    Spud's favourite setup: Kayfun style RBA, Vamo VV/VW mod.

    Kayfun Style RBA:


    Easy to build, using micro coils and cotton wicks.

    Great performance, good vapour production, and great taste.

    Easy to clean.

    Robust, can take a lot of knocking around, and doesn't dent or break easily, durable, will last for years if well maintained.

    Large tank capacity.

    Easy to fill.

    Can be made to suit the vapers preferred resistance, wick material, air flow preferences etc, customisable.


    Initially more expensive to purchase than most clearomizers or carto tanks. (clones can be very reasonable in price)

    Learning about ohms, volts, etc for those that don't already know about this stuff.

    Learning about how to build and wick, can be difficult for those with eye sight or fine motor skill issues.

    Limited colour range, (well very limited), would like to see more colours available.

    Large size, can be used on lots of mods, but can be too heavy for ego style batteries.

    Vamo VV/VW mod:


    Volts and Watts can be adjusted to suit preferences of the vaper.

    Large enough to accommodate RBA atomizers.

    Good colour range.

    Robust, can take a lot of rough treatment.

    Can be used with both 18350 and 18650 batteries.

    Reads resistance of the atomizer in ohms.

    Easy to use.

    Very reliable, and with good maintenance will last a long time.

    Very reasonably priced for what you get, great for beginner vapers and those on a tight budget.


    Some people find them too big compared to other mods and batteries.

    Difficult to get replacement parts if needed, top cap is not easily replaced.
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