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    ego ce4 and apple e-juice

    Just going to make it quick. Is the eg0 ce4 any good?
    Same with apple flavoured e-juice?


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    Myself, I've never been a fan of top coil, long wick clearomisers.
    I started with them when I bought my very first kit and quickly moved onto bottom coil.
    I found them a big improvement. But each to their own.

    I've got some apple e-juice, Apple from LT Ecigs in the UK, and Red Apple from Yaeliq in Israel.
    Both certainly taste like apple and I do like them but it's not something I'd use as an all day vape.

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    The Ego ce4 is ok, not great but ok, its old and outdated now with most clearo's having replaceable coils these days. Would i buy a ce4, nope, i started on ce5's which are the same as ce4's but with replaceable coils and found that there is much better out there. Im still kinda new to vaping, 4 months in and im using EVOD tanks these days, i find them to be much better then the ce4/5's. Easier to fill, better airflow, better taste, dont leak, just all round a better clearo. Some also say the aspires are good, ill get around to trying them myself one day. Protanks are pretty popular, ive never tried them myself but wouldnt mind trying them out, but i use ego batteries and the protanks (besides the mini) are bigger diameter and look a little silly to me on an ego tank.

    I currently am trying Health Cabins Apple and Fancee Juice Mcintosh Magic. Health Cabins one is decent but because its a high VG mix i occasionally get dry hits, but its got a red apple flavour to it, a little candyish. The Fancee Juice is nice, its not so much Apple on its own though, it has like a pastry flavour to it also, kinda taste like a butterscotch apple pie.

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    I started on them too but have moved on and will only move back if I have nothing else. Anyway, my ADV's are tank crackers afaik, so I use glass.



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