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    Next step after Ce5 wickless and eGo Twist - where to go?

    Hi All,

    Patrick is the name from this websurfer, but for touch typing purposes just call me pat. I joined this forum to participate in the movement and development of the Vaping market in Australia and would like some good ol aussie advice rather than try to make sense of other countries infomation as I have to translate their experiences into a forecast on how to go by it as an Aussie Citizen. thanks alot. hope to quit analogs for good as i still am going in between vaping and smoking.

    My current setup that i have been using is as such:

    -eGo ce5 with ebay wickless non-rebuildable tanks
    - 2 x 1100maH ego style batteries (so i always have charge)
    -Halo 18mg e-liquid (favourite beening midnight apple or tribeca but they HAVE To be mixed with a menthol like Kringles Kurse, im trying to emulate my winfield optimum blue experience as with the analogs i always crush the ball for the mint hit)

    Bought these in december, i was a pack every 3 days smoker and at the time it dropped to 1 pack every 2 weeks. Happy with that but now I smoke 80% of the time and 20% vape. What i find is that the vape is a harsher hit and i really need my preferred juice. I think it might be in Halo's VG/PG mix.

    Ok so my issue is that I'm vaping and smoking still. I really want to move to straight vaping and give up the analogs for good. So I've got some cash in my swear jar and thinking to go the next step in vaping to get me off the smokes for good.

    I think I want to move to the following.
    Vamo V5 + Kanger uni tanks
    A better juice closer to how a cigarette feels going down.

    Now i was wondering if anyone from this community would be able to answer my questions.

    Whats the deal with variable volts/watts/ohms etc? how do they contribute to the vaping experience?? Watched a few reviews and I can't really see the difference although they say there is a difference when they change up the settings.

    what irritates me is with these wickless that I have is after about 1-2 refils they start to become a pain, sometimes i get droplets in my mouth after refill and ruins the vaping experience as I can taste it in liquid form. And these tanks often leak onto the ego battery post which is annoying. Sometimes when i refill ive got to put tissue on the bottom of the tank before i fill up to catch some fluid spilling out. How do i prevent this?

    How is the Australian market now with nicotine infused e-liquid? Having to order from overseas was a pain because the shipping costs jack the overall order price up by about 50% not to mention the waiting period for being an extremely keen person waiting to try the juice out! not keen on nicotine free juice

    Can't really walk into any tobacco station to get a decent e-cig, most of their gear i see them sell is imitations that are no better than the one i have now. So besides online, are there any melbourne based businesses i can walk in and have a chat to?

    Thank you very much for your input and assistance in my vaping experience in advance.

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    Swaadee kap patrick, My recommendations would be to get a good PV, like the provari. IMO the provari will last you a lifetime and will continue to be the most solid PV you will ever have to own, It is pricy but well worth it if you have the cash.The reason why i recommend the provari as a first choose is that it has been put through its paces for many, many years and still veteran vapers and new vapers are most always very happy with a provari purchase.

    I would then get myself a good charger and some good AW IMR batteries.
    And as to what you want to put on your PV, i would highly recommend the Aspire nautilus Adjustable airflow tank.
    Pyrex glass, 5ml juice capacity, Air flow control and great designed Dual coils. As to juice, well the worlds your oyster. Im not a tobacco vaper but there are many people on here who are and I'm sure they are willing to help you out. All of the items i have recommend to you for your step up can be purchased from one of our respected Aussie vendors which you will find in in the sub categories of this forum.

    good luck.
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    Thank you for your response Jas, helped me quite a bit.

    I've made my purchase from fasttech. Provari and the aspire is a bit out of my coin collection maybe that will be my next step up.

    Just to let you know i've purchased the following.

    -Vamo v5 kit with 2 x ce4 clearomizers (doubt i will use these chinese ones)
    -Kanger Aerotank (seen good reviews on them but not 100% sure on how it works)

    Would you be so kind to explain what the air flow adjustment does to the vaping experience? Why would you need to adjust the airflow?



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    I think getting a vamo instead of a provari is a good idea. If you haven't been able to switch to vaping full-time, then spending that kind of cash isn't the way to go. VV/VW devices will give you a better warmer feeling than a regulated device. That is the main difference.

    I started with a twist then got a vamo and some aspire tanks. That was a setup i really liked until i got into mech mods. Then i started getting into dripping and building my own coils. Now i only use mechs.
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    Hi all, just an update on my vaping journey.

    Placed the order on the 30th April. 21st may it finally came (longest wait ever).

    So Checked out my aerotank on the kangertech website (genuine). happy with the aerotank compared to the ce4/ce5 clearomizers so much easier and more space to drip my juices in.

    Vamo v5 came with
    -2 disposable ce4 long wicks (not using them)
    -the PV itself (man is it gorgeous)
    -2 x 18650 batteries

    and man... what an upgrade. only one thing id have to say about the vamo v5 though - what the hell does smallgun mean when i turn it off and on??

    Aerotank resistance is 2.0ohms, so i vary between 6-8watts depending on my mood for vapour.
    other than that, my 18mg juices have become to strong for me (think this setup is far more efficient than the ego) i have had to mix it with 0mg to get it right.

    Cheers for the help, and if anyone could tell me what small gun means on my lcd screen that would be great - i cant seem to google it anywhere.




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