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Thread: Vision Spinner

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    Vision Spinner

    Just been messin with one of these, quite good i think. I've found so far for me that a 1.5ohm coil works well at 3.3 / 3.4 and a 2.4ohm coil is good at 3.8, havn't tested a 2ohm coil yet but i guess somewhere in between these two. I cranked it up to 4.8 on the bushfire in my mouth..phoonth
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    Spinners are a great buy as opposed to ego twists which are hard to read and difficult to adjust in comparison. I used spinners for ages after ego t fixed batteries.

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    I just bought my Vision Spinner 2 ... 3 weeks ago at a reputable Vape place in Miami Beach.

    I have fully charged it as instructed and when I start vaping, the battery life only last up to 8-10 hrs

    I use ONLY the adaptor that was given to me when i purchased it for charging.

    i went back to Miami and they replaced it with another .... the bronzy color one which I had as well before.

    Well, I am going thru the same thing situation with this bronzy Vision Spinner 2 as well.

    The battery life will last up to 6-8 hrs.

    If I am doing anything wrong I would like to know what I can do to .....

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    Christine, you didn't mention the size of the battery (how many mAhs) but it depends on how much you vape. I'd say all larger ego style batteries last about 6-8 hours, in fact 10 is very good mileage!

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    Worth doing a double charge with these...sometimes doesn't fully charge them first pass...

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    Christine, the new spinner 2 1600mAh batteries sometimes need to be unscrewed and reattached to the charger 2 or 3 times before they're fully charged, even though they look charged. It's something to do with the safety aspects of these batteries. I've also heard that they charge better if you have them set on 4.3v on the charger too. Unless you're vaping a LOT, you should get through a full day of vaping without having to recharge it. From flat, they should take around 3 hours to fully recharge.



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