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    Methods of Recharging E-Cigs


    According to my amateur knowledge, the ways of recharging an e-cig are:

    Connecting the usb onto the mod and connect it to a power socket or computer. Or alternatively, if the e-cig is an Innoken SVD or such and does not have a usb charging cable then the only method of recharging it would be to 'twist off' the mod, take out the battery and place the batteries in the recharger. Can someone confirm my 'guess' on this one please. So far I have only owned ones which you recharge by USB.

    I guess the advantage of the e-cigs such as the SVD which you can easily take out the battery is that you do not have to dispose of the whole mod if the battery goes bad like an EGO. You just simply need to buy another battery. Correct? In other words, why do some manufacturers make e-cigs that are so convenient that they just require a simple USB to recharge while others require you to take the battery out?

    Also, what do you call the mod of an Ego which the battery cannot be taken out and what do you call the mod of a SVD which the battery has to be taken out for recharging? Is the former called a 'passthrough'?
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    mods use removable generic batteries
    ego style - ego / battery / mod

    pass-through allows charging whilst using

    generic batteries typically used for safety/power/charge size reasons that ego style cannot provide

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