Hi all,

I've been reading but not writing much recently but just wanted to share a recent experience which I think will translate for everyone.

I've got a bunch of devices but I've seemed to settle on my epm and semovar. The semovar has got this function which I've always thought of as gimmicky, that being checking the battery voltage and whilst that's flashing pressing the fire button would indicate the battery load drop. I initially discarded this as useless until a few weeks of use and not cleaning my device.

What started it all was receiving some new 18490 batteries and wondering why I wasn't getting better longevity than my 6 month old batts, surely I thought to myself I should get better usage times from newer batts than from 6 month old ones.

So I started at a baseline of .6 volt drop on a newly charged 18490. Battery charge showed 4.2 volt, but load voltage showed 3.6 volts, this I thought was not a good thing and initially put down to some bad batteries. After some reading and playing I embarked on a cleaning streak, using cotton bugs, cotton wool and an old can of contact cleaner that was kicking about in the shed I got the .6 volt drop down to a .3 volt drop. Not too shabby I thought but wonder if I can do better.

I got a tin of no-ox something or other on a whim and with another clean and finally figuring out how much no-ox to use I've got down to a .2 volt drop (4.2 batt now reads 4.0 volt load). My 6 month old device now hits like it did when it was new and I can't be happier. Plus I've gone from 3-4 hours per 18490 (2-3x 18490's a day) to 1 battery change a day.

This is probably pretty common knowledge for a lot of people but for me I now give each device a full pull down and clean (end cap, spring, tube, vv/vw head, 510 cap/connector) every month. Which for me means I'm running at a cotton rewick and dry burn twice a week, recoil every 2 weeks and full break down and clean once a month. By following this my vaping experience remains pretty consistent.

I've seen a few threads on mech mod cleaning but from what I've seen vv/vw mods need the same love.