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    Advantages of battery mods over passthrough mods?


    What are the advantages of a mod that requires a battery + charger (e.g. Innokin SVD) to a passthrough mod (Ego-T) that connects to a mini-usb?

    One point goes to the latter from the top of my mind since charging is very convenient.

    On the contrary, what are the advantage/s of the former? Someone in this forum said that it charges quicker. I have both, I can say that is not true.

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    for me, it's about battery life. about the highest mah you will get with a passthru ego type battery is 1300mah. i have batteries for my vamo that are 3100mah. and then there's the extra control i have over the voltage/power i get with a vv/vw mod. lastly, there's the form factor. something like a large carto tanks looks and feels better on a mod that has the same diametre rather than a much slimmer ego style battery (at least i think they do).

    the advantage of a passthru is that you can sit at your pc or in your car all day with it plugged in and never worry about your battery going flat on you.



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