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Thread: So..Did I Go Back to the Cigs?

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    So..Did I Go Back to the Cigs?


    I'm happy to report I've been cigarette free since New Years Eve!

    Anyway, I've been using disposable White Cloud Fling Minis and the Eroll when I run out of Flings, but the quality has been getting poor.

    My eroll is a hassle and every tank/clearomizer I use (pro tank mini 2, Aspire etc) ends up tasting burnt. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I stil want a cigalike/small device..

    Just wondering if there has been anything decent that has come out in the last 6 months I may not know about?
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    I wonder if it's the eliquid you're using, if everything is tasting burnt?
    Congrats on over 7 months off the smokes.. really well done!!
    The lily might be an option for you, but might be a bit girly?
    They really should make a laurence to go with the lily, shouldn't they?

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    I'm at 6 months.
    Wasn't getting what I wanted from clearo's & spinners etc either.
    Mechs & rebuildables seemed daunting & overly large, but I figured it was worth a shot - could always just use them at home.

    Now I'm a convert, I run a stingray & kraken genni, with an 18350 battery it fits in the coin pocket of my jeans.
    Vape quality is no comparison, reliable, consistant & a sublime vape compared to anything else I've tried.

    Don't dismiss rebuildables & mods, they don't have to be huge metal dildos & they are not that hard to master - if you go this way you won't look back!
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    Have you tried the vision nanos or the vk comets?

    Got really bored the other day and rebuilt a stuffed comet, works surprisingly well. Might have to do with it just being a simple silica coil in a ceramic(ish?) cup and no filler material in a very small chamber.

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    Kangertech Esmart, small like what you have, you can get bottom coil changeable clearo's for them, vape really well. I think they have top coil disposable clearo's in the kit but you can buy the bcc's in a pack of 5 then just buy the replacement coils.

    New Esmart Kits & Parts
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