I just wanted to give my views on this wire. I got some about two weeks ago from a guy on Facebook.


I'd seen plenty of reviews and in particular one guy named Lowe Auhc ( same guy I got them from ) who has lungs like a bloody vacuum but they were all positive and I'd been wanting to try some fancy ass wires for a while now.
Anywho, first impressions was huh just another twisted wire but it looked how do I say bumpier than usual. I went ahead and did my first build. Now in the packet it has specs for builds using the wire


I did my first build, wicked it, juiced it up and had a toot.... I WAS BLOWN AWAY!
Simply put I have never used a wire that's increased the flavour the way this did. I was tasting stuff in my juice that I have never before been able to taste before.
Previously I have used normal kanthal, ribbon wire and then moved on to twisting my own wires ( which I thought was awesome ) but this was something else.

Now working with the wire was fairly easy, it does say to torch it twice to get rid of the spring in it which I did and it worked. Pretty much every build I've done with it so far has been a single strand dual coil, so fitting it in my post holes has been easy but I dare say that unless you have decent size post holes you may run into trouble doing two separate coils for dual builds.
Vape production is also unbelievable so for those like myself who tend to chase the clouds you'll be more than impressed.

Now for the down sides.
Price... I paid $10usd for 5ft of this but I'd do it again and again and again. Also I've noticed that on real low builds like one I did the other day at .2ohm with a super sweet juice it gunks up fairly quick but that's about it.

Anyway this is just my two cents worth, I'd be interested to hear thoughts if anyone else has used them.

One of the builds I did tonight with them.