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Thread: Top coil Vs Bottom coil tanks?

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    Top coil Vs Bottom coil tanks?

    Hi Everybody,

    I get most thing about vaping devices, how they work (generally) and so forth... Being new to this but being a mechanically minded person I have been getting into mod research and upgrades...

    But one thing that kinda has me stuck is difference between top coil tanks (e.g. The iClear30s) and bottom coil tanks (e.g. The Kanger Protank 3)... I know one is mounted in the top part of the tank and the other in the bottom, but what difference does it make from a tech point view...

    I personally only have a el-cheapo-crappo top coil (have a Protank 3 on the way) and my brother has an Aerotank mini... His was a smoother vape running 50/50 pg/vg and mine still had more throat hit running a 30/70 pg/vg juice... His was much higher volume vape with the same battery on the Aero against mine... I know I am trying to compare apples to oranges quality wise... But is it some thing to do with the distance the vapour travels and temperature of the vapour app-on arrival at my throat and lungs?

    I enjoy vaping, and had my last smoke about 3 hours ago (tasted like shit, compared to even a strong tobacco flavour e-juice)... But I am felling it hard in my lungs when I draw back, a burning type sensation which makes me cough a little from my top coil, but no where near as bad from my brothers Aero even though its vape is much higher and denser...

    So any help would be great... Thanks in advance...

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    Top coils require lots of tipping when the juice is low to avoid dry hits (to make sure the wicks are soaked enough). They also flood easily if overfilled.
    Bottom coils can flood and gurgle easier.

    The only top coils still around are older innokin iclears and nova clones really (new innokins are bottom coil, one of the nova clone lines are 'aspire' brand bottom coils. )
    And innokin iclears have a really tight draw IMO, so you really have to like tight draws to even consider top coils. But on the plus side, innokin were the first to make dual coils, and that added to the fact it's a top coil and tight draw makes it a very warm vape. Some people like that, warm vape off the top is more like a cigarette.
    Suits tobacco flavours if you are straight off smokes into vaping and want to go that way.

    Bottom coils can be nicer flavour, and to me, more suited for light fruit or menthol non tobacco vapes. They are a cooler vape and can have more vapour.

    Plus most development in clearos with features like adjustable airflow control, have all been bottom coils.
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