Ok, I cannot verify is this is real or just my own dream come true, because I found this on Tumblr whilst updating mine and my partners blog.

(If anyone is interested btw, the url is vapendate.tumblr.com)

But, the information i found was

The IPV2-S is coming soon!
We are testing the prototype (pictured above) and this thing is a beast.

The original IPV2 went up to 50 watts. The type S will ship with a 60 watt max and will be upgradable to 75 watts soon after.
It also has a new beveled design built with higher quality materials. The buttons have been redesigned with a better tactile feel. The new chip also allows you to store 5 presets for different RDA’s and tank atomizers. The screws are now bigger and less prone to being stripped. And we should mention, this is also water proof!"