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    Question To where next, vision spinner to ?

    Gday all been using the Vision Spinner for about a year, but sadly lost my kit of Clearomizers and charger so I have basically a 1600mha battery and a clearomizer so I'm looking for any suggestions or guidance for something similar hopefully I can make use of the battery and existing clearomizer aswell.

    For background the 1.6 ml clearmizer usually lasts 3-4 days, I do use a nicotine vapor from indigo, as I am an off an on smoker, so reaching for the cigs when I run out of charge...

    Any help would be appreciated

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    somewhere in QLD
    few things to consider....
    Budget, will depict what are where you will want to buy it.
    Juice use, how much are you vaping and at what strength, also how effective is it at keeping the cig's away? 1.6ml clearo lasting 3-4 days is quite low in terms of 'usual use' and doesn't sound greatly effective either so perhaps the flavour and/or nic strength isn't doing it for you.

    Perhaps whack your locale into your deets and you might get lucky and have someone close by that can help you out in person with a show and tell.
    Most importantly best of luck with getting off the stinkies.

    #And also maybe drop into here... NEW MEMBERS: Introduce yourself here!!!
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