I've purchased a v2 Orchid clone from Fasttech and am having nothing but trouble with it.

As standard the o-ring on the funnel section is fitted inside the top cap like a kayfun. If I leave it there I get nothing but dry hits, but the top of the unit does appear to be airtight.
If I remove the o-ring and slide it on to the funnel section like I've seen on YouTube, the unit works without dry hits, but it seems that the top of the unit is no longer airtight and inverting the unit to fill via the fill hole results in liquid pouring out the top as quick as I can pour it in.

I've tried not screwing the funnel down as tight as it can go with the o-ring in the cap and it still dry hits.

It seems the only way this thing will work is when it's not airtight at the cap, but that means I can never take it out the house or risk getting a pocket full of juice.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

I've wicked it the same as my fogger v4.1 with just a small amount of wick in the channels, nothing big enough to restrict the flow of juice too much.