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Thread: BVC Cleaning

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    BVC Cleaning

    Anyone tried cleaning these.
    This is what I tried
    Ultrasonic , warm water , couple drops of FAIRY, 5 mins
    Syringe the same water thru, sort of under force with no needle
    Repeat that process with warm/hot clean water
    Air dry in sun

    I did three last week and there was plenty of gunk in the bottom of the ultrasonic.
    Been using one for 5 days now and still going strong

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    I blast with hot water under the tap, then when I have a few I put em in a shot glass and soak them in vodka overnight. Then rinse/soak again in hot water. Seems to at least get all the old flavour out. It's a bit hard to tell how long I get out of each coil because I rotate them.

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    Given the wick material resistance to heat I'm considering baking them in the oven @ maybe 200 for an hour and see if I can just bang the gunk off afterwards.

    Also considering dishwashing powder in the ultrasonic, as it has substantially more dissolutive power than detergent.

    Haven't really needed to clean any yet though...

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    using ethyl alcohol would be better??
    I think that's a quite good solvent except water...may even better water, due to the water is not that pure usually leads to rust or oxidation something like this...



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