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Thread: Kayfun replacement parts

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    Kayfun replacement parts

    Since I can't find anything solid for replacement parts I thought I'd start a thread for it. Feel free to add any links, tips etc you have.

    The reason I started looking was a recent need for a replacement part myself, not long ago I got a KF3.1 through the classies and although it arrived missing the airflow screw it turned out ok and I was enjoying it but had the odd 'NON' message on the VTR but it's a temperamental p.o.s. at times so didn't think anything of it. I did a thorough clean on the KF after a couple tanks and noticed a slightly stained/darkened patch at the 510 (somehow missed it on the cleaning I did when I first got it to rid the previous juice etc) and quickly noticed the screw was a tiny bit off (that's what you get with clones), with the base off I put the screw in the centre post to see if I could eye the direction, although only very slightly I could, being the cowboy I am I put it on the bench and went off to get a small screwdriver (I can feel you all cringing now haha). I didn't get a chance to munt it myself as it rolled off the bench and snapped the centre post while I was at the cupboard, and yes I swore loudly.
    Now I'm looking for some replacement parts and will be heading out to the garage tomorrow to dig out the easy-outs.

    I have found a few options but most seem to be out of stock, FatDaddyVapes seem to be the only decent place with stock so may be making an order of a few things from them soon, unsure as yet what the postage cost is but if anyone is thinking of ordering from FDV anytime soon pm me maybe we can share postage if it's killer.

    Kayfun 3.1 (start off with the real deal)
    Kayfun 3.1 Ersatzteile - Kayfun 3.1
    SHOP - - Home of the best vape tweaks and replacement hardware. (go about a third of the way down the page)
    Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1 Replacement Parts - (found many recommendations for this site but out of stock at time of post)
    Replacement Parts for Kayfun Lite (Plus) - InTaste (most replacement parts except the centre post)
    Kayfun V3.1 Replacement Kit – Vapersphere (same comments as for previous 2 links)
    If your still happy using FT and after the entire base, I can't offer any advice on it's quality only offering a link...
    $12.30 Replacement Base for Kayfun v3.1 ES RBA - stainless steel / 22mm diameter at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    As I said at the start, feel free to add any further links etc that others may find usefull.
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    A couple more links to add.

    Vaperev Shop - Accessories - SvoŽMesto - Rebuildables
    Kayfun Lite/Russian 91% RBA Accessories
    Hcigar Kayfun replacement parts | Luxor Vapes

    I'm surprised no-one has anything to add considering how many have or still do use KF's, surely there are some tips, tricks etc some one can add.
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