As many of you will know, the insulator in the 510 connection on the vamo is crappy.

Mine finally died today, so I had a go at replacing it. No pics - sorry, will have to do with my descriptions.

I took an insulator from a dead ego battery - removed it by pulling the positive pin out, and hooked it off with a hair pin.

Pulled the top cap off the vamo, and broke the positive pin connection to the wire in the process. no biggy - soldering iron is the final step.

cleaned out the remnants of the vamo insulator, washed all the residue juice away, and stuck the ego insulator in the hole. Then pushed the positive pin through (from the 'outside' end).

turning the top cap over, I then resoldered the pos wire to the pin. This was a bastard - as I only have a gas iron - doesn't get hot enough, fast enough... but I got the job done. note to self - get a soldering iron with high temp, and a high thermal capacity - the vamo pin and the top cap if you are doing the earth - need a hot iron due to their high thermal wicking properties.

pressed it all together again and vaped away Happy days.